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Turn your PC into a shared WiFi access point


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Free WiFi Hotspot is a program that lets you turn your device into a WiFi access point so you can share your internet connection with any other user that’s close by without having to use any additional hardware.

The program lets you share connections regardless of what they might be: DSL, cable, Bluetooth, broadband cards or mobile. The only requirement is that your PC has to include a WiFi card. Another great feature of the program is that you don’t have a limit on the number of connections.

To configure it, you just need to establish a name or network ID, pick a password and choose the network card that you are going to use (in case you have several). Once those parameters are set, anyone that knows the password can access the network and connect to the internet in a matter of seconds.

You can manage the connection that you’re sharing at any moment by starting it, pausing it or stopping it. Also, when the connection is working you can view all the changes that are being made as far as the connection data by all the users that join it.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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